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Tom & Lorenzo’s Pop Style Opinionfest

Jul 2021

Someone Pry the Olympics Uniforms Out of Ralph Lauren’s Hands

T Lo have HAD IT with the preppy nightmares that Ralph Lauren keeps forcing on American Olympians and they'll tell you why his outdated Americana aesthetic is borderline offensive in 2021. PLUS: Prince Harry's memoirs and why they make T Lo cringe!

Jul 2021

Emmy Snubs, “Loki” Disappointments and “Mad Men” in Space

T Lo run down the 2021 Emmy nominations and give their thoughts on who should win and who got snubbed before Tom launched into an extended rant about how much he disliked the "Loki" finale. PLUS: You absolutely MUST watch Apple TV+'s "For All Mankind."

Jul 2021

T Lo’s Big Las Vegas Adventure!

T Lo give you the lowdown on all the fun and fabulousness of the Las Vegas leg of their book tour, give their thoughts on the Princess Diana statue, congratulate the new Miss Nevada for making history, and review both "Black Widow" and the latest "Loki."

Jun 2021

Britney’s Bombshell and Why Carl Nassib’s Coming Out Matters

T Lo talk about the importance of Las Vegas Raiders defensive end Carl Nassib's coming out and why his political affiliations don't matter. Then, they run down Britney Spears' shocking testimony begging for her conservatorship to end and explain why it may be one of the biggest celebrity scandals of all time. PLUS: a review of AMC's confusing "Kevin Can F**K Himself."

Jun 2021

Queer PDAs, The History of Cruising & Hot Reality TV Goss

T Lo gossip about some "Project Runway" designer scandals, weigh in on the Chrissy Teigen and Rita Moreno stories, and talk about the history of queer PDAs, cruising, and non-verbal socializing in the pre-Stonewall era. 

Jun 2021

Dr. Jill’s Jacket, the Queens of Hacks, a Forgotten Queer Icon and Lilibet Diana

T Lo talk about Jill Biden's "LOVE" jacket and what it means, gush over the glory of the "Hacks" season finale, profile forgotten trans icon Rachel Harlow, and welcome Lilibet Diana Mountbatten-Windsor to the world.

Jun 2021

Queer Erotic History, Sex Work, and Why Pride Must Be Horny on Main

T Lo take on the tiresome "No Kink at Pride" discourse by highlighting the importance of queer erotic artists like Bob Mizer and Tom of Finland as well as the brave contributions of the front line of Queer Liberation, the sex workers who fought back first. 

May 2021

When Fashion Design Meets Costume Design: “Cruella” and “Halston”

T Lo discuss the Oscar-worthy work of costume designer Jenny Beavan in the surprisingly high-quality and couture-focused "Cruella" and interview Jeriana San Juan, the costume designer for Netflix's "Halston" on how to merge fashion design with the needs of costume design.

May 2021

“Halston,” “Hacks” and the Future of the Red Carpet

T Lo gush over Jean Smart and her new HBO Max series "Hacks" and the news that Laverne Cox is taking over red carpet duties on E! Then they give the history behind the legendary "Battle of Versailles" depicted in "Halston;" an event that changed the world of fashion forever.

May 2021

Looking Out Over the Spring 2021 TV Landscape

T Lo report on upcoming seasons of "Lupin," "Call My Agent," and "Making the Cut," before launching into reviews of "Jupiter's Legacy," "The Nevers," and "Mare of Easttown." Plus a look at "Pose" and an explanation of why they don't want to cover the show.

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