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Dec 2022

Balenciaga and Buckingham Palace Exist in Bubbles of Privilege

T Lo take on the disastrous Balenciaga holiday ad campaign and what it says about the bubble the fashion world lives in. And speaking of bubbles, they also unpack the recent Buckingham Palace racism scandal and what it says about the institution of the monarchy. And finally, they review one of their fave films of the year, the thoughtful, provocative, humane WOMEN TALKING.

Nov 2022

The Biden White House Wedding and a Deep Dive in TÁR

T Lo unpack all of the news surrounding Naomi Biden's wedding, from who made the dress to why they never should have done that Vogue editorial. PLUS: a deep dive in TÁR, the world of classical music conducting, its nuanced take on cancel culture, and Cate Blanchett's stunning performance.

Nov 2022

The Iconic Style of Princess Diana

T Lo dive deep on the fashion journey of Diana, Princess of Wales, from her early days as a Sloane Ranger to becoming the hottest fashionista of the 1990s, tracing how she told the story of her life through her clothes. PLUS: Why does THE WHITE LOTUS suck so much this season? And why you should watch 1899.

Nov 2022

Has THE CROWN Gone Soft?

T Lo dive deep on season five of THE CROWN and discuss the cast changes, the Diana drama, the sense that the show is going soft on its subjects, and why this season is the weakest one so far.

Oct 2022

A Salute to Dragons and Sissies

T Lo recap the season one finale of HOUSE OF THE DRAGON, pay tribute to the great Leslie Jordan, unpack the recent climate protests attacking works of art, and give an update on the ongoing Kanye saga.

Oct 2022

A Duchess a Queen and a Legend Walk into a Podcast

T Lo discuss Meghan Markle's recent interview with VARIETY and the ways it underlines just how bad a fit she was for royal life. Plus: Judi Dench gets really mad at THE CROWN and Queen Alicent makes her move in the penultimate episode of season one of HOUSE OF THE DRAGON. 

Oct 2022

The Legacy of Angela Lansbury, the Rise of the Black Fantasy Figure and the Hilarity of DERRY GIRLS

T Lo pay tribute to Angela Lansbury, review the final season of DERRY GIRLS, unpack the latest HOUSE OF THE DRAGON and talk about the notable changes in ANNE RICE'S INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE. 

Oct 2022

Kanye, Dragons and BROS

T Lo review and recap the DRIFTMARK episode of HOUSE OF THE DRAGON, unpack all of the heated and misguided rhetoric surrounding Bily Eichner's gay rom com BROS, and look at the recent Balenciaga shows and Kanye stunts to point out how silly the world of fashion can be.

Sep 2022

How BLONDE Completely Misses the Point of Marilyn Monroe

T Lo take on the Marilyn biopic BLONDE, starring Ana de Armas, and unpack all of the ways the film brutalizes the memory of Marilyn Monroe in service to a misguided attempt to make a point about her victimhood. PLUS: Another deep dive into HOUSE OF THE DRAGON, with a discussion on the time jump episode THE PRINCESS AND THE QUEEN. 

Sep 2022

Does the ”Bury Your Gays” Criticism Apply to HOUSE OF THE DRAGON?

T Lo have a few final things to say about the British Royal Family and Queen Elizabeth's funeral before exploring the criticism that HOUSE OF THE DRAGON is homophobic for killing off a gay character. Is "Bury Your Gays" a valid criticism or have we moved past it? Does it even apply to a story as brutal as any set in the GAME OF THRONES universe? 

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