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Tom & Lorenzo’s Pop Style Opinionfest

Oct 2021

The Chappelle Mess, Lizzo‘s Triumph and Project Runway‘s Return

Description: T Lo give their thoughts on Dave Chappelle's transphobic Netflix comedy special and the fallout from it, dissect Lizzo's bold fashion choice for Cardi B's birthday party, and talk about the return of Project Runway for its 19th season and muse on the show's effects and changes in all the years of covering it.

Oct 2021

What‘s Up with ”Squid Game” and ”Diana: The Musical”?

T Lo look at the astonishing popularity of Netflix's breakaway hit "Squid Game" and laugh their way through the hilariously awful "Diana: The Musical" in order to answer one question about both of them: Why are people so fascinated by this? From Harry and Meghan to the fall of capitalism, they break it all down for you. PLUS: Why Adele's double Vogue covers matter and why it's good that they're so different. 

Oct 2021

Let‘s Talk About TV Stuff

It's an all TV TALK episode of the PSO as T Lo dive into the Ellen Pompeo/Denzel Washington "Grey's Anatomy" story and what it says about the insulated lives of stars, then offer their contradictory takes on "Midnight Mass," "Y: The Last Man" and "Foundation."

Sep 2021

Sandy and Megs, Having Themselves a Week

T Lo tackle the ridiculous brouhaha over the "TAX THE RICH" dress Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wore to the Met Gala and why she was perfectly in her rights to do so. PLUS: Harry and Meghan make the TIME 100, pose for a really weird picture, get a ton of totally predictable blowback.

Sep 2021

Why The John Mulaney Parasocial Kerfuffle Matters

T Lo take on the huge blowback regarding John Mulaney's personal life and explain all the personal, professional, and societal reasons they're holding firm on their opinion that parasocial relationships with celebrities shouldn't be normalized. Bring back that early aughts cynicism!

Aug 2021

Anti-Backlash Backlash!

T Lo unpack the recent so-called "backlash" against "Ted Lasso," explain why it was inevitable, and take a bunch of TV critics to task for buying into the pernicious "Let people enjoy things" framing. PLUS: A review of Hulu's "Nine Perfect Strangers" and why it seems to be falling so flat. 

Aug 2021

Cringe TV vs. Earnest TV: “Ted Lasso,” “The White Lotus” and “Schmigadoon!”

T Lo talk television as they review "Ted Lasso," "The White Lotus" and "Schmigadoon!" and explain why those shows might not be for everyone. PLUS: What's with all these dirty celebrities? 

Aug 2021

Matt Damon is a D-Slur

After his disastrous Sunday Times interview, T Lo run down all of the ways in which Matt Damon has been a blindly privileged, narcissistic jerk and why his latest admission (of using an anti-gay slur) should not be celebrated or explained away so quickly. 

Jul 2021

“Jungle Cruise,” Bad Gucci Accents and Hollywood Nepotism

T Lo give their thoughts on the campy Italian accents of the "House of Gucci," review the disappointing "Jungle Cruise," and go off on the blindness of Hollywood elites who think nepotism isn't a factor and that show business is a meritocracy.

Jul 2021

Someone Pry the Olympics Uniforms Out of Ralph Lauren’s Hands

T Lo have HAD IT with the preppy nightmares that Ralph Lauren keeps forcing on American Olympians and they'll tell you why his outdated Americana aesthetic is borderline offensive in 2021. PLUS: Prince Harry's memoirs and why they make T Lo cringe!

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